SECRET SISINBIZ SOCIETY // Social NOVEMBER Event – with Successful SisinBiz Speaker Patty-Ann Waho




Hello dear Social Sisters ??


“We change the way Women do Business around the World”


This is your EXCLUSIVE invite for our Secret SisinBiz Society // NOVEMBER event ❤️

– With Successful SisinBiz Speaker PATTY-ANN WAHO ?



We strictly LIMIT our Tickets as we like QUALITY and an intimate setting. We SOLD OUT every event since January 2020.

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So much GRATITUDE for all who attended our previous Social Event with Successful SisinBiz Speaker THERESA MITCHELL reminding us of the power of NOT GIVING UP and STOP OVRTHINKING it – find your purpose ?

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Alongside an amazing group of likeminded Fempreneurs-On-A-Mission,

we will hear from Successful SisinBiz //


❤️ Patty-Ann Wahoo is a Intimacy Coach for Couples, awakening desire & connection


about her Entrepreneurial Journey from Struggle-to-Success ?

We share HONEST stories about how we manage the thrill of EXCITEMENT versus FEAR.

We dare to be VULNERABLE and open up about our Mistakes…so you don’t have to make the same!


Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month we host our SOCIAL SisinBiz Events to:


✅ CONNECT with likeminded Sisters-in-Business?‍♀️

✅ SHARE Stories about Succes-and-Struggle (and everything in between) ?

✅ Get INSPIRED by Successful SisinBiz Speakers ?

✅ Reflect on powerful AHAA moments and lessons ?

✅ Your chance to WIN fabulous Giveaways and save HEAPS of $$ on #sisSPECIALOFFERS ?

✅ To SUPPORT local and donate to various CHARITIES ??

✅ Join us IN PERSON for a Drink & Nibble ? Get away from behind your screen to not feel so lonely running your own Business…we have got your back!



Official Monthly Social Secret SisinBiz Society Event

Date: Wednesday 17th of November 2021

Time: 5:30pm – 8:45pm

Location: Karma Collab Hub 



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(We gave away a combined VALUE of >$3,600 in Giveaways last year!)



Special THANKS to our Official #sisSPONSORS*

  • CUSTOM CANDLES GOLD COAST – Jules Walters // Personal Candle Stylist
  • SUGAR N SPICE by UJ – UJwal Igoor // Cake Artist
  • KARMA COLLAB HUB – Candice Jade Oliver // Podcast Room, Event Space and Co-working Space
  • SOMA ASANA – Elynn Angelides // Yoga Therapist & Teacher – also teaching at FIRESHAPER 
  • EYE ON BEAUTY – Lynda Hundt // Facial & Skin Care Extraordinaire
  • RIETA MISTRY – THE KEYS TO BLISS – Rieta Mistry // FengShui, Numerology, Colour Consultant
  • NOVASOMA PHOTOGRAPHY – Celeste Humphrey // Event & Personal/Professional Branding photography
  • LITTLE MERMAID CAFE – Carol Ulmann // Cute Cafe providing Breakfast – Brunch – Lunch – Healthy Juices & Cocktails – Private Function
  • GOLD COAST INNOVATION HUB – Sharon Hunneybell // physical & virtual space for future business leaders to connect, commercialise and grow innovative companies
  • GREENDAYS – Ai Ling Chin // Eat – Drink – Celebrate, specialising in High Tea
  • SANAME – Peta Warby // The world’s first and highest quality  6-in-1 Collagen & Bone broth recipe to strengthen from the inside out


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A bit about our Successful SisinBiz Speaker // PATTY-ANN WAHO

Patty-Ann Waho is an intimacy and sensuality coach who guides people to ‘get real’ about their relationships and mindset regarding intimacy.

Sensuality, self-love, confidence and self-empowerment are the keys to being respected as a unique, empowered and inspiring Being.
An inspired Mum of four energy filled boys, who melt the grumpy right out of her with their gorgeous souls & smiles.

This family girl is passionate about helping men, women and couples to understand what their ideal relationship looks like (what they really want) Skilled in giving people their insights with the ability to obtain it, whilst sharing the ‘how to’ of exuding sensual and self-confidence as a Lover. Aware and unknows the challenges of balancing family and kids and she loves to empower parents to connect to their passion and self-love.


*COOL FACT ABOUT PATTY-ANN: She is trained in Dacing Eros and OM Orgasmic Meditation. She is also the the Creator of the Vajayjay dairies Live Show.


? Follow Patty-Ann on Facebook

? Patty-Ann’s Charity-of-Choice is:  Tara Brown Foundation 



“Tara Brown Foundation (local charity to the GC) Domestic Violence laws were changed from the lost of Tara Brown. I support this charity from my own experience of being in DV relationships.”



(*Huge THANKS to our Successful SisinBiz Speakers as they GIVE BACK to our Sisterhood by sharing their wisdom with us. We donate 10% (min. $100/event) at the end of every year to the Speaker’s Charities-of-Choice as there are so many out there we never heard of…#sharingiscaring ??)









>>> NEXT Successful SisinBiz Speakers coming up <<<



❤️ Megan Jarvis is an International Speaker, Health & Fitness App Founder, Kinesiologist & Ninja

❤️ Jordana Edwards is the CEO & Founder of Clean Tea & The Breastfeeding Tea Co. Winner of Gold, Silver AND Bronze in the Ausmumpreneur Awards 2020. Representative of small business in the first Australian Facebook Small and Medium Business Council.

❤️ Michelle Loschiavo is the Founder of an Award-Winning Business in providing better health care solutions with creating her own Super Potent Skincare as a Mum-in-Biz Pharmacist

❤️ Fiona Jones is the creator, founder & 9 times best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series and founder of The Millionaire School

❤️ Theresa Mitchell is the founder of Charity Agape Outreach  – Powerhouse Connector & Fund raiser – Strategic Interventist & Life Coach

❤️ Elizabeth Anne Walker is creating Change and Inspired Action through Transformational Education in NLP, Time Line Therapy®and Hypnosis
(and she is one of the few Female Speakers sharing the stage with Tony Robbins and Demartini)

❤️ Helena Nista is a Sexpert & Tantra Teacher – Keynote Speaker on intimacy, connection between partners, sexual difficulties, dating, introducing spirituality into your sex life and much more. 132k Subscribers on her Youtube channel.

❤️ Elisa James is a High Performance Voice & Presentation Trainer to Elite Professional Speakers & Presenters

❤️ Jema Lee is a menstrual cycle expert, qualified Ayurvedic coach and the creator of Wellsome. For 13 years, she’s helped guide women in over 22 countries to embrace their monthly cycles and deepen body awareness through personalised coaching, online courses, retreats & workshops.

❤️ And many more coming soon*! #exciting


(*How cool is this! We are already BOOKED OUT with amazing Successful SisinBiz Speakers until April 2022 ?)


To be able to host these Monthly Inspiring Social SisinBiz Events we have a strictly limited INVITE ONLY Membership Model for committed Social Sisters – you can only come as a SisinBiz Visitor 2x per year. (No Negative Nancy’s allowed)


Check out all the amazing BENEFITS of joining our Social Sisterhood HERE.



// Massive THANK YOU to all our PREVIOUS Successful SisinBiz Speakers //


❤️ Patty-Ann Wahoo is a Intimacy Coach for Couples, awakening desire & connection

❤️ Sharon Maree Jurd is a Successful Award-Winning Business Woman, Hypnotherapist and she coaches Coaches & Speakers

❤️ Anna Richards is a Podcaster, Self-Love School CEO, Co-founder #thesisterhoodsociety, Speaker and Top-Earning Network Marketer

❤️ Rhi Thistlethwaite is a Freedom Lifestyle Mindset Coach. Her speciality is helping you ‘Manifest Dope Shit’ to create a Life By Design

❤️ Mell Ballment is an Empathpreneur | Quantum Healer | | Author & Speaker | The Success Alchemist

❤️ Diane McKendrick is a passionate Author, Speaker & Life Coach, inspiring you to Rise Up, step into your power and live your FULLEST life.

❤️ Emily Gowor is an Inspirational Writer, Speaker & Author. Winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award and she worked closely with Dr. John Demartini

❤️ Patty Duque  helps high achievers elevate their Mindset and build emotional resilience as a Mindset Coach / Author / Speaker (She interviewed Dr. Phil)

❤️ Nicola Laye is a passionate Holistic Health & Breath practitioner, taught over 5,000 Pilates classes and helps hundreds of women to BREATHE (properly) every year

❤️ Eleanor Carey is an Adventurer, 2x World Record Holder / Author & Professional Speaker on Isolation & Resilience

❤️ Tammy Richie is an international Multi Award Winning Trainer, Speaker & Mentor

❤️ Megan Wolfenden is an International Best-selling Author, Award-Winning Business Woman & Professional Speaker and a Courageous Cancer Survivor

❤️ Angela Henderson is an International Speaker, Business Consultant & Podcaster, loving Mum and host of Australia’s leading Women in Business Retreat

❤️ Sharon Hunneybell is one of the most Influential Ladies on the Gold Coast. Power-Woman in IT, CEO of the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, Co-Founder of Startup Apprentice and listed as AFR 100 Women in Influence

❤️ Jacqueline Naggle is a Professional Speaker & Negotiator who works 1:1 with Ali Brown, one of the world’s most recognised Entrepreneurial Coaches

❤️ Kiah Worling is my Productivity Adviser and Techspert

❤️ DreamTeam Lauren Clemett & Annette Densham (Who help US ambitious Fempreneurs-On-A-Mission win International Awards ?)

❤️ Lauren Bath is a Digital Influencer and ‘Australia’s First Professional Instagrammer’ with >440k followers

❤️ Marguerita Vorobioff is a Global entrepreneur, mindset coach and business mentor and…Opera Singer with an AMAZING voice – a true Power Woman

❤️ Debbie Majella is the Founder of Door of Youth Skincare an online product sold Australia Wide and Overseas)

❤️ Melissa Groom is a Visibility Mentor | Speaker | Coach | Professional Networking Queen  – Founder of Empowered Mums In Business

❤️ Phoebe Dray is a Business Finance Success Coach & Cashflow Strategist | Speaker

❤️ Toni Lontis is a Live Streaming Radio Queen | Collaborative Business Radio Host | Author | Speaker | Lifestyle Entrepreneur




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