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BORN FOR GREATNESS (Launch Offer) – with Emily Gowor 

Emily Gowor is an inspirational writer & speaker. As the author of 11 books, Emily has shared her messages of encouragement with thousands globally. Emily won the 2012 & 2014 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur Award and runs programs to help people master their destiny. She has spoken on stage with international best-selling author Dr John Demartini. Her mission is to INSPIRE people to rise up and fulfil their purpose on Earth.


Know that you were born for MORE?

Ready to find & fulfil your soul’s purpose on Earth?


Emily’s brand-new 12-Week Personal Growth program – Born For Greatness – will support you to create an extraordinary life!


Over the next 3 months, you will:

  • Clarify your purpose & vision for the future 
  • Connect with the deep sense of meaning you yearn for 
  • Clearly define the career & business you desire 
  • Break through the challenges that hold you back 
  • Tap into new levels of income, wealth & abundance 
  • Master your relationships in all areas of life  
  • Optimise your time & maximise your productivity 
  • Leave your legacy on planet Earth  


The 12 Modules of Born For Greatness will help you unlock your OUTER success through your INNER world.


This powerful program shares the wisdom, inspiration & tools that have enabled Emily to grow a 6-figure career around her purpose, travel the world, write award-winning blogs, launch a publishing company, speak internationally – and so much more!

It’s time to live the life you were BORN for x 

  • Enrol in Born For Greatness today and start your 12-week journey to UNLEASH your greatness! 


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P.S. This program includes 12 powerful branded affirmations and a Build-It-Yourself program manual to support your journey – Emily’s gift to you! Click HERE for her official Launch Offer Landing Page as it is amazing and contains all information you could possible wish for ✅

SOCIAL PROOF from awesome humans who personally worked with Emily:
““After four and a half decades of working with human behaviour in my career, I am certain that every individual has far greater potential than many may realize, and that it is in the pursuit of what we feel the most inspired to do that we discover the truth of own magnificence. Emily and her story are living proof of this. She is far more mature in her wisdom than she is in her years, and I know she will inspire you and show you that your life, too, can be deeply meaningful.” (Dr. John Demartini, International Best-Selling Author)

“I contacted Emily as I resonated with her authentic and open communication. I found her inspiring tips on YouTube helped me through a time of my life when I was searching for growth. Emily’s mentoring helped me build confidence in myself and provided me with the support I needed to action my dreams. Too often, I meet people who talk about their dreams but never do anything about them. Emily has a gift to get you going and closing that gap between what you want and where you’re at right now in an inspiring and energizing way.” (Mia Berglund)

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