#sisSPECIALOFFER with Phoebe Dray


Profit Planning Session – with Phoebe Dray CPA

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Often, we spend hours planning our holidays, our meals or even our outfits, however we don’t take the time to plan the profit we want to make from our business.


In this powerful PROFIT PLANNING SESSION you spend 2 hours with Phoebe, a fully qualified accountant with over 20 years business experience, to set your business and yourself up for success with a clear 12-month plan for your business Profit.


What you will walk away with:


  • A clear PROFIT PLAN for your business
  • Clarity on your business INCOME potential
  • A pricing strategy for your products or services
  • An analysis of your business costs and how to minimise them for your benefit
  • The steps to take to achieve your GOALS, and
  • A strategy to start paying yourself a PROFIT (in cash) today from your business


This session, either online or in-person, is not simply about throwing numbers out into the ether, but setting a clear STRATEGY to achieve your business finance goals.


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TESTIMONIALS from fellow SisinBiz who did the Profit Plan Session with Phoebe:
“Working with Phoebe is like a breath of fresh air in your financial world. She helped me get focused on what matters and map out my figures for the year (and pay myself first!).
I would highly recommend working with Phoebe if you need clarity around your numbers.” (Jo Draper, Creative Rejuvenation Branding Specialist)

“Just had an AMAZING session with our beautiful sister ? Phoebe Dray to get my ?financial goals in order, make an actual black and white plan to reach them, identify what money I am throwing down the ? and where I can tweak to save and make more ??? “(Lee-Ann Nordin, CEO FurTastic Friends by Bocchetta Plush Toys

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